culture night- Jan Uprichard

culture night- Jan Uprichard and Go Girls. 16 September 2016.

PS² celebrates this year’s culture night at 2 locations: in 18 Donegall Street and 11 North Street.
With the Go Girl exhibition ( see link) in the front space, a whirlwind of 15 feminist artist and creatives. The back space, normally hidden from public few, is the small venue for the Prisoner’s Cinemaby Jan Uprichard.
Finally, you can fish for art outside our new location in North Street.

culture night- Jan Uprichard and Go Girls


Jan Uprichard
Prisoner’s Cinema
is part of an on-going research based body of work under the heading Metonymic Time Machine, attempting to make a time machine that allows you to travel in your mind when exposed to certain smells, colours/light and sounds. The research and process of collecting these sensory elements is an integral part of the work. Each part of the process of building the machine and different prototypes and ways in which it evolves becomes part of An Archive of the Invention.
This manifests itself as a-Series of tests
-Just giving it a go
and seeing what happens



attempts to create a time machine in whatever form that takes.
The Prisoner’s Cinema film is part of a series of experiments about being in the present without looking backwards or forwards.
It aims to replicate a Prisoner’s Cinema (i.e. the physical phenomenon of seeing colours that aren't really there when we have been enclosed in a dark space for a long time) in the form of a film made from abstracted images of light and colour.

culture night- Jan Uprichard
Jan Uprichard: Prisoner's Cinema, installation view

To find out more about the project see link.
Image top: Jan Uprichard: Prisoner's Cinema


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