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A project showcasing the ‘Peacewall Archive

James O’Leary

Ends 05 October 2019

A project showcasing the ‘Peacewall Archive’ which James O’Leary has been collecting over the past five years. Ongoing versions of this work have been presented at the Barbican, London, 2015; Calgary, Canada, 2018, and the Royal Academy London, 2019.

About the Peacewall Archive

The Peacewall Archive aims to provide a definitive online documentation of the Belfast 'Peacewalls' in Northern Ireland. 


Through photography, maps, drawings, video, text and audio, this archive aims to document the steady growth and hesitant removal of interface barriers in Belfast from 1969 to the present day.

This project was instigated after the removal and replacement of the Workman’s Gate Entrance at the Falls/Shankill Interface on Belfast's Lower Springfield Road in April 2015. This particular event confirms the growing fact that the Interfaces/Peacewalls in Belfast are slowly changing, and will do so with growing frequency as we approach the Northern Ireland Executive’s target of complete removal of all interface barriers by 2023.

Locally, the existence of this archive will serve as further evidence that the physical interfaces are going through a process of removal, changing in state from physical artefacts to digital archive.  On a global level, the website will serve as a record, and perhaps a warning to other contested zones about the long-term implications of separation and segregation on urban, architectural and local community levels.


The Peacewall Archive is an 'Interface Architecture' Project, curated by architect James O'Leary of  Kreider + O'Leary. 
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