30 April, 6-8pm

Opening hours

Wed-Sat 12-5pm

right to create

Most likely postponed- Campaign for assisted studio spaces

Organised by Ngaire Jackson and Bronagh Lawson

Ends 23 May 2020

Everyone has the right to create art and to share the result...shaping your cultural identity and having it recognized by others is central to human dignity. (Francois Matarasso)

Belfast lacks assisted studio spaces for adults, who require some help in their studio practice, perhaps because of a learning difficulty or other issue. Models like KCAT in Kilkenny exist around the world that supports adults and so we ask: why not here?
The selected artists have a love of art and have developed their practice so far on various short term projects at changing locations in the city. 
This project wants to show their work to a wider public and offer our space for open workshops and new work. 

Through talks and presentations by participating as well as interested artists and organisations, like Moon Base, Belfast,
we want to lobby for assisted studio provisions in the city.