The truth always comes out in October- Julie Lovett

Opening: Friday, 11 October 6-8pm

Opening hours: Wed- Sat 12-4pm

The truth always comes out in October

Julie Lovett

Ends 26 October 2019

Having spent my early years growing up in Co. Kerry and then moving to Belfast in 2009 to the present day, I have spent the majority of my artistic career switching from hospitality jobs to the dole office, to the studio and back again. The work I have been making in this time is very much born out of these situational conditions and circumstances. In one way, these conditions dictate our careers as artists but in another way provide a free commentary ground that allows artists to reject, respond to and interrogate these governed positions.

“Hi there, my name is Julie Lovett and I am a professional photographer...”

This reoccurring statement, which persistently appears throughout the show forms the premise for which I have taken on and developed these situational conditions into larger, expanded narratives within the practice.  Adapting and drawing from the spaces, languages, and social identities of both my Kerry and Belfast dwellings, I use these cultural backdrops as props within the work to be continuously manipulated and negotiated with through the studio activities of doing and making.

The work in this show is formally presented through an episodic delivery in the medium of video and sculptural installations. The show aims to address and respond to some of the wider concerns I have with identifying myself as a professional artist within professional realms.

By using the gallery space as a vehicle to present these concerns, along with a culmination of reinforced performances and staging, the work positions itself between both colliding and peripheral spaces.

With references to the traditions of craft, the expectations of the artist, comedy, performing and popular culture, The truth always comes out in October invites the viewer into an arena of relentless propositioning and a playing field of self- interrogation.

Julie Lovett is one of the five artist from PS²'s first cohort (2018-2020) of the Freelands Artist Programme. This is also the start of a series of 4 projects, where other artists of the programme will show their current work: Michael Hanna, November-December 2019; Emily McFarland, January- February 2020; Jan McCullough, March-April 2020.