We are a frame in time being played in a different space

Izzy McEvoy

Ends 25 January 2020

This project in the form of a moving image installation by Izzy McEvoy has at its starting point an autobiographical text about two significant events that happened to the artists in the space of a week: on a Sunday she undertook a large magic mushroom trip with her partner for the benefits of cognitive therapy for her long term mental health (OCD). On the following Sunday both watched her mother pass away. Central to the text is her relationship with her partner who she often films.

Connecting these events and ideas through the exploration of altered states and consciousness, Izzy McEvoy intends to show past footage of improvised performances with her mother and motion captured animation of 3d scanned avatars of herself and her partner. Using multiple screens such as mobile phones and projections onto transparent plastic the installation will explore the phenomenon of viewing one’s own private and direct experience, a position that a psychedelic drug can induce, as well as questioning the immaterial nature and location of consciousness in relation to the body, the self and others.
The project will include screenings of artist’s films that address the theme of consciousness and altered states and a talk/discussion about mental health and forms of therapy. Izzy McEvoy worked with PS² during the short residencies, in January 2019.