Upcoming Projects


spring/ summer East Belfast ZOO- Martin Boyle.

PeasPark summer art school. PeasPark.Location: Peas Park- Skegoneill/Glandore Avenue, North Belfast.

summer Between now and the future. Film project with secondary school aged girls. PeasPark, North Belfast.
summer art & coding: Robin Price. Part 4 of art and...
Outdoor environmental project in PeasPark, North Belfast.
28 Aug- 16 September Open Project- Vasiliki Stasinaki (studio member PS²), Catherine Cannon, Naomi Litvack.
18 Sept- 07 (14) Oct Clare Gormley: Guest curator project: We Speak Silent. Hannah Weiner....
16 Oct- 04 Nov  

Mitch Conlon

06 Nov – 02 December Amber Hawk Swanson- curated by Clare Gormley. Part of Outburst Festival.