Cilia Gerbault

Intern (Erasmus)

Cilia Gerbault is a French student in Institut Supérieur Des Beaux Arts school of Besancon. She is currently doing an internship of three months until the end of September 2023. She is also a member of ACIDE GRENADE, which is a multidisciplinary collective (performing art, graphic design and illustration). They believe in self-training, skill sharing education for the people, mutualisation, democratisation of art, equity and autonomy.

She is interested in scenography and set construction, as well as in graphic design oriented on handmade and traditional printing techniques, self-publishing, micro-publishing, etc. These two interests, as well as a social vision of art, define the field of her artistic practice. 

She works a lot in teams, and the richness brought by the collective is for her a strong motivation.

Her interest and curiosity have led her to work in a wide variety of sectors, as a social worker, communications officer, set designer, graphic artist, and visiting artist.

It was PS²'s inclusive, accessible and local approach to art that prompted her to submit her application for this internship. She shares with PS² a social vision of art, questioning the place of art and artists, particularly emerging artists.