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Does Turner turn the table?

A critical open forum for a new arts strategy and funding system in Northern Ireland

Jane Morrow, Ciara Hickey

Ends 27 January 2022

This open and critical forum hopes to pick up and continue a debate about a cohesive, bottom up visual arts- and funding strategy for Northern Ireland. Winning the Turner Prize by Array Collective last December triggered a flood of heartfelt congratulations, excitement and a buzz far beyond the arts community. What seemed impossible until now, that a collective working in performative activism on the street- and not in the ivory towers of galleries-could win this prestigious prize, was suddenly reality.

A hard fact to swallow for the guardians of artistic classification, a fun fact for the doubters, a well-deserved recognition of radical ‘art utile’ for others. The Turner Prize doesn't seem to come with a trophy, but Array brought it home. WOOHOO!

And now?
Does the Turner turn the arts ecology in Northern Ireland?
Does it mean more of the same for the funders and their arts strategy or will the achievement of the Array Collective (finally) lead to a rethink, a seismic shift in strategic planning, support and funding distribution for contemporary art in the region?
This open critical forum, led by PS² together with Jane Morrrow and Ciara Hickey, will invite speakers  (TBC) to give 5-10 min presentations/ positions on this subject, followed by Q&A, discussion and - most importantly - an action plan.