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culture night 2011

Impressions of Ireland

Ursula Burke, Alice McDaniel, Herbie McCann, Peter Surginor

Ends 23 September 2011

With PS² being populated with fragile ceramic figures by Ursula Burke- ‘I can’t go on. I’ll go on.'- all elephant movements and destructions should be avoided for culture night.

Ursula Burke's and some culrure night wet clay pots

Potters wheel with wet clay -ssisted by Alice McDaniel, Herbie McCann and Peter Surginor,

Inspired by the work inside which deals with hybrid representations of Irishness, the outside will be the safe environment to try your own skills on a potters wheel with wet clay. Assisted by Alice McDaniel, Herbie McCann and Peter Surginor, artists and practitioners working at the South Eastern Regional College, Downpatrick, this should be a jolly experience. From mini pots to wobbly plates, from wonky vases to hollow blobs, get your hands dirty and make your first experience with clay.