5 October 6-9pm

Late Night Art


28 October 2023

Opening hours

Tues-Sat 12-5pm


Recent works in sculpture and digital media

Gerard Carson

Ends 28 October 2023

Dredge is an exhibition of recent works in sculpture and digital media by Belfast-based artist Gerard Carson, whose works focus on concepts of material extraction, technology, and process. The works featured in “Dredge” present objects and environments where a process has neither begun nor ended, but is in a continual activity of morphing topologies, where ancient matter and objects flow through one another, forming composites of modern and pre-modern apparatus. The exhibition is comprised of a number of assemblages that contain a synthesis of digital and sculptural methodologies, alluding towards a “cyber-gothic” continuum, wherein ancient relics and contemporary technologies and knowledges coexist in the present and affect indeterminate futures. Recurring motifs materialise throughout the exhibition; corroded surfaces, rig-like structures, petrified organisms and cryptic sigils marking esoteric alchemical formulas. Through the blending of various materials, processes and media, Carson is involved in a methodology of speculation and translation, whereby the materials and forms weave and become entangled within alternating structures of meaning and phenomena. 

About the artist 

Gerard Carson is an artist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, working primarily in sculpture and digital media. His works have been exhibited throughout Ireland, as well as in the UK, France, and China. He is a graduate of the University of Ulster School of Art & Design and Chelsea College of Art, where he was the recipient of the Frank Bowling Scholarship Award. He is a former co-director of Platform Arts Gallery & Studios and is a studio member with QSS Studios. 


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