Pedestrial Acts

Lauren Guyer, Bethany Nelson (Jackson, Nicole Touzien), John Osburn, Megan Yankee, Rory Brady, Simon Fay, curated by John Osburn

Ends 30 July 2011

'Pedestrial Acts' is a collaborative arts series produced by John Osburn which takes place in various sites around Belfast. Osburn will be collaborating with five American visual artists to create a series of contemporary works to be performed in different public areas.

In preparation for this event, the collaborative process for these performances was conducted solely through overseas communication via emails and Skype. In the midst of the two weeks prior to the event, the four dance artists have traveled to Belfast to join Osburn in undergoing intense rehearsals to fully structure, choreograph, and compose each artist's component in the aims to create a multimedia performance arts series which will be presented throughout Saturday, the 30th of July.

The dance artists for this series are
Lauren Guyer (Dallas, Texas), Bethany Nelson (Jackson, Mississippi), Nicole Touzien (New York), Megan Yankee (Denton, Texas)

The video artist for this series is
Lily Sloan (Denton, Texas)

Sound artists for this series are
Rory Brady (Sonic Arts Research Centre), Simon Fay (SARC), John Osburn (SARC)

Street view, dance performance

PS² performance Time schedule

Saturday, 30 July 2011 11:30 - St. Anne's Cathedral
13:30 - St. George's Market
16:00 - Queen's University Belfast Students' Union
18:00 - PS² 21:00 - Sonic Arts Research Centre
Each performance within this series will be free to the public, and each one different from the other. Spectators are encouraged to see as much or as little as they want.

Partial funding provided by the Queen's Quarterly Weekends