PS² Freelands Artist programme (2019-2021)

BROWN&BRÍ is a collaborative artistic practice who have worked together as artists, curators, event producers, collection managers, venue owners, bartenders and house hunters since 2009. Between them, they hold BA degrees in Fine Art Photography (Glasgow School of Art, 2005) Fine Art Sculpture (Limerick School of Art, IRL) and an MA in Contemporary Dance (Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick, IRL).

BROWN&BRÍ work with people across artforms and are interested in symmetry of thought across disciplines, time and space, theatre in art, and the honesty of fiction.

In a recent series of works, they traced a path back to moments of perceived enlightenment, via eighteenth-century astronomy, the Orpheus myth, the laws of thermodynamics and the interconnectedness of still life painting and wormholes.

Recent shows include And Yet it Moves, Platform Arts, Belfast (2016), A Riveder le Stelle, CCA, Derry (2017), not a journey but a change of elements, HMN, London (2017) and Still Life with Candle, Violin, and Einstein Rosen Bridge, AHA Festival, Gothenburg (2018).

BROWN&BRÍ currently work in the fields of built environment and literature and have both completed the directorship at Catalyst Arts, Belfast (2007–09).