Jasmin Märker

PS² Freelands Artist programme (2019-2021)

JASMIN MÄRKER is an interdisciplinary artist working at the cross-sections of bio-art, sculptural installation and playful art and nature education. She graduated from Ulster University with a BA in Fine Art (2016).

Drawing from environmental philosophy, bio-politics and anthropology, she researches how humankind relates to non-humans and how these relationships correspond to the way we conceive human otherness. Her practice involves participative collaborations with both humans and non-humans, to provide encounters between them, and to explore holistic approaches to sustainability. She combines critical theory with informal conversations, psycho-geographical explorations with workshops, and art with science experimentation. 

Märker’s installation-based works are often alive, growing and decomposing, and contain materials such as agar, wax, clay and soil. Her assemblages of biological and sculptural material become occupied and transformed by the organisms she invites (slime-moulds, bacteria, plants, fungi) and as they evolve during their display, offer further observational experiments for the artist and viewer.

Since receiving the Freelands Artist Programme Award she has worked on Hyperobjects, Catalyst Arts, Belfast (2019), Radical Arcadia at Zaratan Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon (2019) and Slime Dynamics (I, II, III) (2019-20), a body of work that was presented at the NI Science Festival, PS2, Belfast (2020).

In June 2020, she participated in the Rapid Residency programme at the Science Gallery Dublin. As part of her project, Invasion Aesthetics, she has created a publication which can be accessed here.

Website: www.jasminmarker.eu