Jonathan H.S.Ross

PSĀ² Freelands Artist programme (2021-2022)

Jonathan H.S. Ross is a Multi- disciplinary artist based in Belfast. He received his BA in Fine Art from Ulster University, Belfast in 2012, and an MA in Art, Research and Collaboration (ARC) from the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dublin in 2017. He was also a co-director at Catalyst Arts between 2015-17

Working primarily in timber he is interested in the points where traditional woodworking techniques intersect with a contemporary arts practice, particularly in terms of the philosophies and theories of maintenance and care-taking, and structural interventions in public space.

He is increasingly interested in the public realm and how people can become instigators, collaborators and interrupters of these spaces, how these environments can be scripted and edited and how physical interventions can direct use. As such, over the past five years he has developed a practice that specialises in creating sculptures and structures which explore the connections between individuals/communities and their shared spaces.

Skill and craftsmanship is an important aspect of the work, as is process and pace.

Alongside his contemporary art practice he is building a business as a chair and cabinet maker, and as such is currently thinking about markets - both arts and business, and the need to strike an intelligent balance when positioning himself within them.

Instagram: @jonathanhsross