Julie Lovett

PS² Freelands Artist programme (2018-2020)

JULIE LOVETT is a visual artist living and working in Belfast, Co. Antrim, and Castlemaine, Co. Kerry. Lovett uses film, painting and performance as creative tools and exploratory language to respond to the world she perceives around her. 

She completed a degree in Painting at The Limerick School of Art and Design (2003–07). After graduating, she moved to Cork and worked solely as a practising artist for a year before earning an MFA from Ulster University, Belfast (2009–11). Since then, she has been working as a professional artist in Belfast.

Lovett is currently based between Belfast city and Co. Kerry, where she works from studios in both locations. Her Kerry studio is a solo working space located on a dairy farm. She derives many of her influences from her rural upbringing, experiences and sense of place.

Website: www.julie-lovett.com