Curator in residence- 2021/22

Cecelia Graham and Grace Jackson

Cecelia Graham and Grace Jackson are a collaborative curatorial duo, who develop and research kind-hearted and vulnerable approaches to artistic-curatorial relationships. As curators, Cecelia and Grace value communal learning and seek alternatives to outcome orientated structures. Their research unpacks cliched notions of ‘care’ in order to find sincerity and honesty within organisational structures. Through events, workshops, research and the creation of informal dialogues, the pair will establish alternative methods of supporting and advocating for a community of artists within the arts ecology of Northern Ireland and beyond.

About the 'curator in residence' programme
This one year long curatorial residency provides an emerging curator/s a space and facilities to research and develop ideas and projects, supported by PS². Based in our office, the curator(s) in residence can pursue his/her/their own work and is encouraged to add and interfere with our existing programme with additional activities: talks, reading groups, presentations, critique, alternatives or short projects. At a later stage, the curator(s) in residence will have the opportunity to curate and organise one major project for PS².
This is the 7th curator in residence series, which started in 2011 as a three week-long research project with 9 artists/curators. It was followed by 1 year residencies of the PRIME collective (2012/13); Ursula Burke (2013/14); Household collective (2014/15); Mirjami Schuppert (2016/17) and 2019/20 Jane Morrow. The curatorial duo of Cecelia Graham and Grace Jackson are the 'curators in residence' for 2021/22.

The programme offers a chance to work closely with an arts organisation and to gain practical experience, supported by project artists, the Freelands curator and PS². At the same time, the curator in residence can develop independent curatorial research and new projects, supported by the organsiation. For PS² this is a great opportunity to be exposed to new ideas, fresh approaches, new networks and critique.

The curator in residence series is seen as an important professional development programme parallel to the professional and creative career programme for emerging artists of the Freelands Artist Programme 2018-2023.