Jacqueline Holt

PS² Freelands Artist programme, 2022-23

Jacqueline Holt moved to Belfast in 2010 and completed an MFA at the Belfast School of Art in 2012. In 2015, she co-founded AMINI, an artist-led initiative for the promotion and critical discussion of artists’ moving image in Northern Ireland. She has exhibited in Belfast, London, Nice and Dublin and was the recipient of a Jerwood Bursary in 2020. Holt had her first solo show in February 2020, This Moment of Being at PS², Belfast. The exhibition was the culmination of her ACES Award, supported by the Arts Council Northern Ireland and in partnership with LUX (London).

Using peripheral and fleeting moments in an effort to capture aspects of life that escape the direct focus of intended production, Jacqueline uses intimacy and closeness as a political stance. Her work questions the legitimacy of the idea of objectivity and the dominant viewpoint as a way of interrogating aspects of practice that are uncomfortable or hidden. She has been working through this process, a sort of psychoanalysis of the conditions of being an artist and enquiring into the existential, egalitarian nature of the moment. Jacqueline works with moving-image, photography and sculpture, using writing as an integral part of her practice and exhibition as a medium to mark a moment in process.