Tara McGinn

PS² Freelands Artist programme, 2022-23

Tara McGinn is an interdisciplinary visual artist from Enniscorthy in the Republic of Ireland, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is a co-director at Catalyst Arts and studio member of the Emerging Artist Hub with Flax Studios in the city centre. Selected group exhibitions are the recent Woman in the Machine at VISUAL Carlow 2021, Mex Index screening Displacements 2020 and the upcoming Window Text Series at the CCA in Derry 2021. Solo projects are the recent Nothing Alien is Human To Us at Platform Arts Gallery 2021, Fossa II at Culture Night Wexford 2018 and Words, Werds, Wurds performance at EVO Festival 2017.

McGinn’s interdisciplinary practice combines sculptural (re)production, image-based assemblage and writing; developing studio processes to connect, contrast and translate subjects of trauma, memory, identity and space. She responds intuitively to media and embraces the malleability of forms to interrogate meaning and language through storytelling as a layering device. She is developing her emerging writing practice through mentorship informed by reading and research into queer experience, generational trauma, the body as an archive for pain and the impact of political landscapes shaping emotional interiors. While advancing studio-based research in digital media combined with the practical components of her sculptural practice, her intention is to experiment in creating a virtual presence for her work to be disseminated and engaged with in alternative ways through new media.